Celebrating Chosen Families

By Nichole Robinson, Senior Behavior Technician

Everyone is different. We all have bonds, connections– humans are social creatures and we need each other to thrive.

Some of us are lucky enough to have biological family around us, some of us are not so lucky. Some of us are lucky to not have blood relatives around us. Everyone’s situation is different.

What is a Chosen Family?

Chosen family is a family that you pick and choose for yourself, there’s an element of consent and autonomy to it, and a level of connection that may or may not exist with a biological family. Finding people that love and respect you as you, and keeping them close to you as a source of mutual love and support is just as valuable as having blood relatives around you.

When you choose your family, you may connect over hobbies, shared experiences, shared interests, and may have a level of understanding for each other that may not come inherent with a biological family. Chosen families are often full of validation, support, and oftentimes present a judgement free space of hand picked people who get you. Chosen family is valid, and if you find yourself video calling a chosen family instead of or in addition to your biological family this holiday season, you’re lucky to have so many people that care about you.

However You Celebrate is Valid

We’ve all heard of Friends-giving, Friendsmas, Chanukah, and doing community holiday events like Kwanzaa, Diwali, and Solstice. Your holidays season is valid if you’re not combining households, as well as whoever you chose to celebrate with.

Reach Out!

If you don’t have a chosen family, consider reaching out to some friends who may be physically away from their families, or may not have a healthy relationship with their families, and chatting them up! Maybe cook an extra large batch of food with a mask on, get some disposable containers, and coordinate a doorstep drop off food for those who may feel isolated or lonely during the holidays. Reach out to some friends who you love, but haven’t spoken to for a while!

We may be in our own little bubbles, but there’s many ways to spread holiday cheer.
Happy holidays everyone!