The Gratitude Challenge

By Elisabeth Schendel

When most people think of Thanksgiving, they imagine a large annual family gathering with the entire spread. For those who celebrate it, it’s a holiday where you spend time with those most important to you, and right before you dig into that large spread, you go around the table and share a few words about what you’re thankful for. 

But I challenge everyone reading this to practice that specific tradition every single day.  

Thats right. 365 days of the year

I challenge everyone to intentionally spend a few minutes a day to consider the good things. The things that made you laugh, the things that made those important to you laugh, the things that sparked joy, and the things that haven’t sparked joy yet, but you know will soon. Intentionally give those good things space in your mind at the end of the day and bring it with you into the start of a new day. Refuse to just live waiting for the next “Big Thing” in life and live in the now. Let it fuel you and guide you into creating more joy for yourself and those around you.  

Practice this every day like you would practice squats at the gym and continuously go deeper into your intentions. Eventually, you’ll find that you can’t end the day without spending a few minutes doing this routine. 

Being Grateful Develops Empathy

Giving thanks is something we’re taught as children, when our parents remind us to say “thank you” when we receive something. Our parents also taught us not to take what we have for granted because in many parts of the world, there are those who are going without. That was our first lesson in empathy. 

Being empathetic makes us more sensitive to diverse backgrounds, opinions, cultures, and experiences, which means we’re better able to help others when they need it. And helping others—or being kind—is, in my opinion, Kadiant’s most important value. 

The Adventure Begins

Therefore, this Thanksgiving, if you choose to celebrate it with your family in person or via Zoom, or even if it’s not a holiday you acknowledge, I challenge everyone to begin a yearlong adventure where you spend every day recognizing the good things, no matter how small. It’s been an incredibly difficult year for everyone, but if we all spend time giving thanks, it’ll make this incredibly difficult year at least a tiny bit better