Autism and Developmental Diagnostic Services

Kadiant diagnosticians collaborate with you to assess your child for potential developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Our diagnostic services involve a blend of in-person and telehealth appointments in Georgia and Ohio. Contact us today to request a diagnostic evaluation! 

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Why seek a diagnostic assessment? 

When caregivers become concerned that their child may not be reaching developmental milestones of a typically developing child, they may seek out the opinion of experts, including educators, psychologists, and the child’s pediatrician, for an official diagnosis. 

Early identification and intervention for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been extensively studied and shown to improve social and developmental outcomes for both children and families.  

Autism may not be the only indicated diagnosis; the diagnostician may also identify a number of co-occurrences in the assessment process. At Kadiant, our diagnosticians implement a multidisciplinary approach to provide the most accurate diagnoses which guide our recommendations for your child’s future development. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

No referral is needed. If you’d like to set up an appointment to have your child assessed, please email us at

Parents are always welcome to ask for a run down of what an assessment entails before they meet with a Kadiant team member. The unknown can be the most stressful part, and we are more than happy to talk you through it!

Most pediatricians follow the American Academy of Pediatric Association’s standardized Autism questionnaires and screenings at your child’s 18 and 24 month wellness visits.

Depending on the results completed, pediatricians might further discuss signs of autism or other developmental delays and recommend an additional step. Pediatricians can diagnose as well and write a prescription for services including ABA, but a full and complete multi-disciplinary diagnosis provides invaluable information that allows services to better develop a treatment plan tailored to the child’s needs. 

Licensed psychologists can diagnose autism/ASD and provide diagnostic evaluations. Kadiant offers diagnostic evaluations in both Georgia and Ohio, though we are continuously growing. Feel free to reach out to to see if a Kadiant team member is in your area and able to provide an assessment. If not, we would happily help you identify another assessment resource near you!

If you live in a major city, universities and psychology departments typically have diagnostic services and on-site assessment services offered to the general public, which tend to be lower cost. Waitlists can be long due to the low number of diagnosticians, therefore it is imperative to keep looking until you can schedule an appointment. If you’re unable to find services in your area, always feel free to reach out to us and ask for assistance in finding a diagnostician in your area.

At your first appointment, you don’t have to bring anything. We will instead ask a number of questions in an interview-style method with just the caregivers. At your second appointment, feel free to bring your child’s favorite snacks and toys so that we can observe and assess your child’s behaviors and skill sets. A short video clip of your child engaged in play prior to the assessment will also be helpful. 

The first meeting between diagnostician and parent(s) can be telehealth, and will be the perfect opportunity to ask every question you may have. The second meeting may be in person or via telehealth depending on your need. With any questions about method of service, contact

First appointment: 2 hour telehealth appointment with the caregivers only. This appointment will be an interview and will cover assessment tools and the parent report (provided to the parent by the diagnostician for completion prior to the appointment).

Assessment: 2 hour observation-based meeting with the caregiver and client. The diagnostician will prompt parents through a series of tasks to be able to observe the client’s behavior.
Review: 10 days after the previous appointment, the diagnostician will review the results of the assessment with the family and the report our diagnostician made based on their observation. This will be ~1 hour meeting via telehealth.

The Kadiant diagnostician will send your child’s results to your insurance company and typically will recommend you three agencies in your area (in addition to Kadiant’s ABA services) for ABA services, if desired.

Most diagnosticians want to follow up in 12-18 months to measure your child’s progress. Service providers (like ABA therapists or SLPs) will ideally collaborate across diagnosticians and the treatment team to ensure transparency and coordination of care.