Autism Spectrum Disorder


Kadiant team members utilize the best available and most recent evidence-based practices to provide individualized, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art treatment packages to maximize the independence and competence of individuals with autism in all areas of their lives.

Individuals with autism typically struggle with social skills, communication, and behavioral excesses. These challenges often adversely affect all aspects of their lives—effectively communicating wants and needs, interacting with others, participating in the community, completing self-care and daily living activities, even learning in the same way as others.

Kadiant provides these solutions to a variety of individuals (including children from 18 months to adults) in many different settings, which include intensive in-home programs, public school ABA classrooms, and community-based placements and facilities. Although our primary area of specialty is Autism Spectrum Disorders, Kadiant also serves a variety of children and adults with other behavioral and developmental disorders.

It is now very well established in the research literature that individuals with autism can make substantial progress in each of these areas when provided with appropriate services. For children, in particular, these should include intervention with a behavior program, intensive instructional programming (i.e., 25+ hrs/week, 12 months/year), many opportunities for one-to-one and small group instruction, parent training, and mechanisms for ongoing program evaluation and adjustment.