Intake Procedure


Once we receive the intake background form from you, we will automatically place you on the waiting list if we are unable to immediately begin services. We will notify you within 5 working days that we have received your intake background information form. If you are put on a waiting list, you can expect a monthly call from our administrative assistant asking you if you would like to remain on our waiting list. At this time, we will provide you with an update as to our plans for enrolling new clients, and provide you with your approximate place on the wait list.

  • Location: We look to maximize our service hours, and therefore attempt to minimize the amount of time our aides spend driving between clients. This means that we consider where potential clients live to see if he or she lives near one our “clusters” of clients.
  • Funding: We also consider whether or not a potential client has already secured funding for a program such as ours through either the Regional Centers or their school district. We also take into consideration whether or not we have a “master contract” with the client’s school district. These factors are important for us because even when the answers to all of the above questions are “yes,” it can still take up to 6 months before we are paid for the services we will have already started to provide.


When we are able to start a new client, in addition to the wait list position, we consider the following:

  • Age: We want our team members to have a balanced caseload with respect to age so they maintain their skills in working across a variety of ages. If we have a greater number of older clients, we may look to start a younger one, and vice versa.
  • Functioning Level: We want our team members to have a balanced caseload with respect to functioning levels so that they maintain their skills in working with a variety of clients. If we have more higher functioning clients, we may look to start a client that is functioning at a lower level, and vice versa.
  • Sibling: When there is more than one child with autism spectrum disorder in a household, we believe it is easier for parents and children to work with one agency. Given that, if we are currently providing service to the sibling of a child on our wait list, we give that sibling priority.

When your child is selected as a possible new client, you will be asked to mail us copies of all pertinent reports created for your child (e.g. diagnostic reports, assessments, progress reports, and IEP/IPP/IFSP documents as applicable). Once we have reviewed them (at no charge), we will call you to clarify any information within the reports, and to gain more information about your child and your concerns for his or her development. If at this time we feel Kadiant may be an appropriate fit as a service provider, we will schedule a behavioral observation and skill assessment (this is a fee-based service and may be funded by the Regional Center or school district, and if so, approval from these agencies must be received prior to the observation; fee schedule available upon request).


The behavioral observation will be conducted by one to two of our consultants, and take between 15 and 20 hours depending upon several factors, including age, functioning level and number of environments needed to observe. After the observation and assessment, Kadiant’s clinical team will discuss, given the new information gathered, if we are the best fit for the client and family. If so, a subsequent report (and goals, if funded) will be generated. If we do not feel that we are the best fit, the parents and/or report funding agency have the option to cancel the report writing. In such situations, Kadiant will do its best to help the family and/or funding agency find an agency that may be a better fit for the client/family.

If your child is taken on as a Kadiant client, the start of services is determined through the IEP process (for school district funding) and the IPP/IFSP process (for Regional Center funding). After these meetings have been held, funding is approved and appropriate paperwork received, services will begin.


Once funding is secured and paperwork received, Kadiant services can begin. How each client’s program begins varies based upon client need and the hours secured during the IEP/IFSP/IPP process. For children who are new to programs such as ours, we may start out with fewer hours than has been approved to help the child adjust to the program. As behavioral data indicates that the child is tolerating (and hopefully enjoying) the program hours will be increased.

Typically, programs such as ours systematically build “instructional control,” which means that we have a systematic process to ensure that more often than not, when we provide your child an instruction, he or she will respond. For younger children or those not familiar to our programs, we typically work with the child in one room of the house. Once instructional control is gained in this setting, we expand to another room, and so on until we can go on community outings and hopefully to school. The decision to speed up or slow down this process is based entirely upon behavioral data.

We strive to have bi-weekly to monthly team meetings led by your consultant. We require that at least one parent be present at all team meetings. We do our best, given scheduling constraints, to have as many of the aides working with your child in attendance. At these meetings, progress and challenges will be discussed, aides will demonstrate programs with the client, and “next steps” or more appropriate prompting strategies will be implemented. We ask that all members of the team (parents and aides) participate in these meetings via discussion and demonstration, as well as take notes as necessary.

In addition to the team meetings, your consultant will periodically overlap with aides in all environments in which your child is functioning, including home, school and community. How often she or he will visit is based upon the total number of consultation hours approved through the IEP/IPP/IFSP process. Additionally, members of the Kadiant clinical team will make quarterly reviews of your child’s program and provide recommendations as appropriate.

We hope we have provided you and your family with important information that will help you make your decision about choosing a service provider that is appropriate for your child and your family. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!