IBS Intake

Getting Started with ABA Therapy

  1. Complete an Intake Form, which includes your (a) address and (b) preferred therapy schedule.  Once your intake form has been submitted, a Kadiant staff member will contact you to answer any questions and to provide a copy of our Service Agreement.
  2. Complete and sign a Clinic Service Agreement (for clinic-based services) or an In-Home Service Agreement (for in-home services), which include consents to evaluate and release confidential records and information.  The Service Agreement also includes detailed information about expectations for you, your Behavioral Therapist(s), and your Board-Certified Clinical Supervisor(s).
  3. The next step will be to begin gathering assessment information.  These assessments are not used for diagnostic purposes, but rather to build an individualized, detailed, and comprehensive curriculum for the individual learner.  These assessments may include a Reinforcer Inventory or an Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) assessment, and possibly a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA).
  4. As described on the Science of Applied Behavior Analysis page, implementing a state-of-the-art ABA program includes the precision measurement of skills and behaviors targeted for change.  The amount of paperwork associated with this measurement (e.g., data entry, graphing, team/planning meetings, materials preparation, assessment updates, program adjustments, and various other essential program components) may vary between sessions, but can generally represent about 10-15% of total cost.