Early Intensive Behavior Treatment (EIBT)

Home, Clinic, School, and Community-based

Our EIBT is an accelerated treatment modality aimed at accelerating the trajectory of development and catching the child up with his/her typically developing peers. The comprehensive, individualized intervention is designed to fully include the child into regular education and the community without assistance.

Intervention is initially implemented in a 1:1 setting, 25 to 40 hours per week utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis across all developmental domains including verbal and non-verbal language, cognition, social, behavioral, academic, play and functional/adaptive skills. Acquired skills are systematically generalized from contrived 1:1 settings to more natural environments; including facilitated peer play dates, friendship groups, and regular education preschool. Great emphasis is placed on establishing skills first to limit failure in a group, social functioning, adaptive skills, school readiness and parent education.


Home, Clinic, School, and Community-based

Our extensive Social Skills Assessment helps identify deficit and excessive social behaviors that impact one’s social and emotional functioning.

Areas of focus:
  • Recognize, understand, and respond to the perspectives or desires of others
  • Interpret and respond to nonverbal language
  • Interpret and respond to others’ emotional states
  • Develop and sustain meaningful social relationships
  • Play and leisure skills
  • Communication
  • Theory of mind

The Social Skills Assessment occurs across social environments, such as the home, school, and community. Results of the assessment drive the social skills taught in individual and small group intervention settings, where critical social skills and behaviors are targeted. Generalization of social skills, to peer opportunities and community settings, systematically occur to increase the probability that the individual can socially integrate into natural settings.


Home, Clinic, School, and Community-based

FBI targets one to two specific behaviors such as tantrums, non-compliance, aggression, echoic verbal behavior, self help skills, etc. aiming to remediate life skills for increased independence, by strengthening socially appropriate replacement behaviors to the maladaptive behaviors. This includes direct family training and intervention application.



  • Peer Play Sessions
  • “Jr. Einstein”, simulated pre-school, 2x/week, 2 hr sessions
  • Specialized Learning Groups
    Di-ad, 2x/week, 30 min/session
    Tri-ad, 2x/week, 1 hr/session
    Quads, 2x/week, 1 hr/session
  • Academic Tutoring – click for more info
  • Community Field Trips


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