Association for Science in Autism Treatment

ASAT’s mission: We promote safe, effective, science-based treatments for people with autism by disseminating accurate, timely, and scientifically sound information, advocating for the use of scientific methods to guide treatment, and combating unsubstantiated, inaccurate and false information about autism and its treatment.

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Autism Speaks

Our Autism Response Team (ART) is specially trained to connect people with autism, their families, and caretakers to information, tools, and resources.

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Behavior Analyst Cerfification Board

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® (BACB®) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1998 to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and consumers of behavior analysis services.

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Association of Professional Behavior Analysts

The Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and advance the science-based practice of applied behavior analysis.

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The Council of Autism Service Providers

The Council of Autism Service Providers supports our members by cultivating, sharing, and advocating for provider best practices in autism services.

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Association for Behavior Analysis International

Since 1974, the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) has been the primary membership organization for those interested in the philosophy, science, application, and teaching of behavior analysis.

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California Association for Behavior Analysis

Advance, Promote, and protect the science and practice of behavior analysis.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Research

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the applied branch of behavior analysis, a natural science with concepts, research methods, and principles. There is increased scientific research documenting the effectiveness of a large array of ABA procedures for building useful skills and reducing problem behaviors in individuals with and without specific diagnoses. ABA research articles can be found in a variety of Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals.

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Autism Research

Research on Autism is not limited to Applied Behavior Analysis. An extensive research literature can be found across many professions, from the medical field, to geneticists to speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists, amongst others. We advise professionals to consume research that is published in Peer Reviewed Journals and that are evidenced-based.

Cohen Amerine-Dickens Smith 2006 EIBI Replication

Although previous studies have shown favorable results with early intensive behavioral treatment (EIBT) for children with autism, it remains important to replicate these findings, particularly in community settings.

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Sustainability of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Community Setting

This study examined whether outcomes in early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) during a university-led multisite project could be replicated by the same community agency independently of the project.

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Kadiant Published Research

Kadiant team members strive to enable individuals with Autism to live their absolute best lives. We believe that to become the # 1 provider of services to individuals with Autism we need to deliver the best client experience, the best team member experience and the best clinical outcomes. Positive clinical outcomes can be reached when our treatment is data driven and evidenced-based. Kadiant team members consume the research literature to ensure best and innovative practices are incorporated into treatment, and further, Kadiant team members are part of the scientific community by giving back, by producing innovative research themselves. Below you will find a list with some of the studies conducted by Kadiant team members over the years.

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Does speed matter? A comparison of the effectiveness of fluency and discrete trial training for teaching noun labels to children with autism

Erica Holding  Melissa A. Bray  Thomas J. Kehle
First published: 16 December 2010

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  • ABA – Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • BCaBA – Board Certified Assistant Behavioral Analyst
  • BCBA – Board Certified Behavioral Analyst
  • CAQH – Council for Affordable Quality Health Care
  • BT – Behavior Technician
  • FAPE – Free Appropriate Public Education
  • IEP – Individualized Education Program
  • IFSP – Individualized Family Service Plan
  • NPI – National Provider Identification
  • PDD – Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • PDD-NOS – Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
  • RBT – Registered Behavior Technician
  • SELPA – Special Education Local Plan Area