Behavior Services for Schools​

School districts frequently contract with Kadiant to provide training for their teachers and support staff, functional behavior assessments or independent education evaluations, or to provide one-to-one behavior aides to students.

The goal of our work in school districts is always to help build internal capacity through increased staff skill acquisition of Applied Behavior Analysis. Kadiant takes pride in promoting and maintaining collaborative relationships with our school districts.

  • Kadiant can be hired to conduct, write and present Functional Assessments, Functional Analyses and Independent Education Evaluations.

  • Information is gathered through informal interviews, records reviews, observation, data collection, data analysis, and then synthesized into a report to present to the IEP team with an accompanying Behavior Plan.

  • The Positive Behavior Support Plans or Positive Behavior Intervention Plans are written to assist the team with supporting the student, outlining how to increase and decrease specific behaviors of interest.

  • Kadiant will train school staff on the implementation of Positive Behavior Support Plans as well as evaluate the efficacy of each plan through data analysis.


  • Staff training can be tailored to specific needs of school-based staff or specific classrooms.
  • Training topics may include data collection, identifying the function of behaviors, using reinforcement effectively, responding to problem behavior, increasing communication or facilitating social skills.
  • Training can be provided in a lecture style, with embedded role-plays and activities.
  • Follow-up consultation sessions or training can be developed to build upon the knowledge base of a specific staff group.


  • Kadiant can provide direct services to students who would benefit from additional support in self-management, social skills, academics or other identified areas of need as specified by the client’s IEP team.
  • Behavior Aides are trained specifically in implementing the student’s Behavior Support Plan.
  • Behavior Aide support can be provided at a 1:1, 2:1, or any other ratio as requested by the district.
  • Behavior Aide support can be provided in both general education and special education classrooms.
  • Using methodologies such as discrete trial teaching, verbal behavior, natural environment training and functional communication training, skill deficits are addressed for optimum success and independence.
  • Kadiant can facilitate and coordinate social skills groups for clients in schools settings. Please refer to our Social Skills section for more information.
  • When aide support is placed in a classroom, Kadiant provides weekly consultation to coach, train, and support the staff as well as analyze data collected and collaborate with other IEP team members.