Direct Therapy

Kadiant Behavioral Therapists provide direct therapy to individuals with ASD in a variety of home, school, clinic and community settings.  Therapy is guided by individual treatment programs, which are developed by Board Certified Clinical Supervisors, based on a variety of student assessment results (e.g., VB-MAPP, FBA), direct observations, and input/feedback from parents, school or facility staff, and/or therapist(s).

Therapists will work 1:1 with the client on decreasing behavioral excesses, such as maladaptive or stereotypic behaviors, as well as increasing skill deficits across all domains, including language, play skills, social skills, adaptive and self-care skills, academic, fine motor, and/or gross motor skills.

Additionally, Kadiant therapists will work with parents, family members, or school staff on implementation of ABA strategies to facilitate generalization of skills and to maximize the student’s opportunities for learning.

Specific teaching techniques used may include the following:  Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Analysis of Verbal Behavior (AVB), and Natural Environment Training (NET).